The additional free recipes (35 in total by 18th September) are not the only thing I am doing. I am also unveiling some extra rewards that I will go in to more detail below. While we were waiting out the Hurricane Isaac to pass through, the resilience and kindheartedness of people in helping strangers really provided me a perspective. It kind of rejuvenated this idea to take this project way beyond a simple spice-grinding initiative using the Bunn G1 grinder (for which I initially sought the US$350 funding).

So upon some brainstorming and some exercise in creativity, I came up with rewards that depict the spirit and the 'big picture' behind this project. Since each and every backer will be receiving the Dance Spice Blend anyways, I want to spice it up further by adding even more creative rewards. To begin with, I have finalized the proof for four very unique limited edition T-shirt designs. As a self-taught stencil artist, I came up with these designs, had the film professionally cut for screen-printing and these tees are ready to be produced (based on kickstarter backing). The ink colors are themselves quite unique and required a little bit of mixing to make these one-of-a-kind design types.

n3ch tee one: Dance!


This t-shirt is available in either black or white color. The fabric is 100% cotton and the word depicted on the t-shirt itself is pronounced as 'Nach' meaning 'Dance!' It is borrowed from the actual 'nach masala' (dance spice) name and logo of the project. Just a simple t-shirt that says Dance! in Punjabi. A simple message conveyed in a unique fashion.

n3ch tee two: Eat Your Veggies!

This t-shirt is available in only black color for now. The fabric is 100% cotton and the phrase depicted on the t-shirt is pronounced as 'Sabzi Khaao' meaning 'Eat your vegetables!' The two bold colors are custom ink mixes, and add a crisp clarity to the conveyed message.

n3ch tee three: Mahatama Gandhi (also called Bapuji or Gandhiji in loving respect)
Now we all know about Gandhiji and the concept of perpetual pacifism & humbleness. But repeating the thought behind this project for an umpteenth time, I will say that learning about the person behind the legend is sometimes (or almost always) way more fun than the textbook narrative. It is the little humanly things that make us all part of this one big family and I would recommend interested readers to read 'Gandhi the man: The story of his transformation'. Just because he has influenced so much of my thinking and enlightened me with the concept of Satyagraha, I created a new larger film for screen-print stencil as a fitting tribute to him in being a symbolic part of this project.

Initially, I was going to use one of my older stencil films I created but I decided to use this opportunity to make a larger stencil film with finer details. It is a custom ink mix of enhanced sky blue and tile colors on a white t-shirt background. The fabric is 100% cotton.

n3ch tee four: Farmer's Dance!
This is a full-color custom-set design that uses four separate films. Since each t-shirt is manually screen-printed, slight alterations make each tee as unique as the blue moon out tonight! The background color available is only black for now and the fabric is 100% cotton.

The theme of this tee is inspired by my observation of similarities between the farming culture both in US and in Indian subcontinent. You can notice the direct influence of Mississippi though with signature dance move of Elvis Aaron Presley depicted right next to a farmer. The proximity of music and creative thought-process within the farming culture is a worldwide phenomena and is an indication of our inherent similarities. The design in this tee depicts the physical proximity of Elvis Presley to the farmer and the crop during his impressionable early years in Tupelo, Mississippi.

The corn was added especially with the current drought conditions in mind. Specifically, I wanted to highlight the fact that our relationship with earth for food dependence is so fragile that a ripple effect of this drought can be seen by a corresponding 10% spike in food prices all over the world within past 45 days. And unfortunately, this increased cost of fresh produce that the end-user is paying is not getting to the drought-stricken farmers, even by a cent. That being said, the message of this tee is about the farmer's dance being the real dance of happiness!



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